My santana 22 is for sale .. $1200 obo

Since I have bought the aries 32 thistledown, my santana 22 "lucy in the sky" is for sale.

It's a 1967. It's in decent shape.. there are cushions for the berths and for the cockpit. I've made weekend trips in it to sausalito, treasure island, angel island, and the delta. It's been a fun starter boat. It has a 6 hp evinrude outboard motor. There is a fire extiguisher and a couple of life jackets...
it could probably use some work... I added running lights (but no electrical panel, I was just bolting the ends of the wires onto a battery) while I had it, and did some varnishing etc. I made a bit of a mess with the epoxy, so it's not great cosmetically... it might look nice with a fresh coat of deck paint. In light air it has a bit of lee helm, and I've heard that a backstay adjuster would cure this. It has a portapoty. It doesn't have nice hardware... the cunningham/outhall etc are just pieces of rope tying the sail in place. It all works though. One of the lower shrouds has a fishhook ... i.e. one strand of the wire rope has unwound a bit. I sail on it anyways, but it would probably be wise to replace this wire. there's a paddle and an oar onboard, which are great for pulling the boat out of the marina when you don't feel like motoring. There are a couple of anchors onboard, with sufficient line. I believe one has a bit of chain on it., but the all rope one is tied to a better anchor so I never used the one with chain.
the battery is dead... I was using an old car battery. You don't need it though except for the running lights which are only neccessary at night. I usually ended up just duct taping those suction-cup running lights to the mast anyways.
The boat is in oakland, near lake merrit, on the estuary. Technically I don't think the slip is "transferable," but I kept the slip when I bought it. I imagine if you're fairly normal, don't have ridiculously bad credit or anything, you'd be able to get the slip when you buy it.
asking $1200. BUC (like blue book) is 2,600-3,050 for this boat without an ourboard. I'm just trying to get rid of it. I might take less if I don't get any offers; they built a lot of santana 22's so they're not in super high demand... they are pretty popular for racing the bay though since there are so many of them around here. I'll keep lowering the price until it's gone.
nairbv AT yahoo DOT com

I also have some other stuff for sale