for sale?

32' / 10m, 1976 ocean cruising sailboat, just sailed in from californi - SGD33000 (sebana cove marina (malaysian side))

she's an aries 32 named thistledown.

more pictures and such available at

contact me using info at this page ... nairbv AT yahoo DOT com is my email.

I bought her in california in 2005. I spent a year and a half sailing across the South Pacific to the Philippines... mostly single-handed. got a fair bit of work done to her in the Philippines, and then just sailed down to this area.

Right now I'm living on her, just across the Johor straight on the malaysian side in "sebana cove marina resort."

I'm getting a bit tired of cruising life... So I'm considering selling her and looking for a job. If I don't find a job in singapore, and dont' sell her, then I'll just keep going.. maybe to India or Africa.

This is an old boat, and old boats are a lot of work. This is a heavy full-keel boat, ... the old boats were built thick because the fiberglass resins were cheaper then (reflecting the price of the oil they're made of)... which makes her seaworthy... she's not going to fall apart like some of the new ultru-light cored boats, but you have to put up with squirting caulking into the occasional leaks that pop up etc.

There's a four cylinder westerbeke diesel engine, .. rated 25 hp. it's a big powerful engine. it's a marinized leyland taxicab engine. new fuel tanks, rebuilt gearbox, freshly painted. all the fuel lines are new.

I haven't had much luck with the engine personally,... the boat sails great, and is small enough to handle (and i have 15' oars), and I don't know a lot about engines... I just finally got it working in the philippines, never really needed it in the south pacific.. so anyways:

To shift between forward/neutral/reverse, I reach through a cockpit hatch and pull the lever on the gearbox. There's a morse cable but it's not hooked up, ..and there's no lever in the cockpit to attach the morse cable to... the handle in the cockpit got stuck from corrosion, and I cut it out. this might not be acceptable to some people... but I'm pretty young and don't have a lot of money so this is how I do it.

also, right now the fuel lines need to be bled (because they're new) and I need to get someone to hlep me with that because I don't know how to do it, ... it seems other people always get the engine too start without problem, and everyone who looks at it tells me its' a great engine.

It's a boat that should be sailed somewhere far, ... if you just want to putt around singapore you might be disappointed. you could find a boat for less money, with less of the long-distance cruising equipment that comes with this boat... and which might even be more reliable and faster when you need everything to work on a particular day. I usually spend at least a few days preparing every time I take the boat out, and usually am at sea for a week or more every time I sail. I guess it could be day sailed,... maybe it's just the mentality I'm in because it's how I've been sailing her.

I'd like to get 25k USD for her... which translates to about 37k Sing. That price includes a lot of expensive cruising equipment that you'd have to buy and install yourself on most other boats if you wanted to go long distance cruising.

includes things like:

plastimo 4 person life raft. great to have a backup so you don't die.

epirb: this contacts a satalite with your GPS coordinate if you sink or become deathly ill or something, so someone can rescue you.

el toro 8' sailing dingy, for rowing back and forth to shore, or sailing around an anchorage. repaired and reinforced with extra fiberglass in the philippines.

monitor windvane bought new and installed in 2005... my most important piece of gear, cost about 4k USD, ... this steers the boat based on wind direction. no hand steering. will allow you to sail single-handed across oceans. go to sleep and she keeps going. no electricity needed either.

auto pilot, ... electric automatic steering device.

binoculars, sextant, hand held gps.. flashlights... knives... pots and pans..

stove/oven (bought new and installed in 2005)

all LED running lights and a couple of LED cabin lights (just the stern light cost $250 USD), .. LED's burn MUCH less electricity which can really be critical on a long passage with out much juice.

new batteries (2 golf cart bateries for house bank, also new starter battery, purchased in the philippines in November 2008)

64 watts of flexible solar panels for making electricity to power the lights.

new fiberglass diesel fuel tanks built and installed in the philippines.

transmission rebuilt, and entire engine taken out, repainted and reinstalled in philippines.

new fiberglass cockpit hatch made in the philippines, for engine access.

scuba gear (bcd, regulator)

tools and spare parts, ... cordless drill, cordless grinder, cordless jig saw, all with matching battery packs.

heavy anchors... 125' of high test chain, 44 lb bruce anchor, 35 lb CQR anchor, 20lb danforth anchor, ... lots of spare lines, extra halyard, extra jib sheets, etc.

new bottom job done in the philippines,, shouldn't have to paint the bottom again for a couple of years. no blisters.

the hull is fiberglass... the decks are glass over plywood.

on the starboard side there's a double bunk. it can fold up into a table, but I never use it that way. I liek having a double bunk... to port there's a berth with a lee-cloth, ... the canvas lee cloth will hold you in the bunk when heeled over so you can sleep. up forward is a V-berth, but I never use it... it's just storage space.

There's a toilet, but the holding tank isn't hooked up right,, i've never used it. I bought the toilet new in california but then just never got around to making it work. I use the toilet compartment for storage.

there's an asymmetrical spinnaker for downwind light-air sailing. it works great.

the jib is on a roller furler. *SO* much better than hank on sails. when i was looking for a boat i wanted hank on sails for simplicity, ... but the roller furler is amazing. I think ti's safer. ... I can reef it without even really going on deck.

books. very expensive books. stuff like "nslp 136, ocean passages for the world" which cost over a hundred bucks on it's own. "world crusiing routes" and "the world cruising handbook" ... cruising guides and charts for the pacific, guides for asia and the indian ocean. these books tell you how to check in and out of each country, where the anchorages are, what season to sail in, things like that.

hmm... what else?

lemme know if you're interested...

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