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Over winter break (january 2001) I went out west to climb, I flew into las vegas, and stayed in a hostel there for new years eve. It wasn't climbing but it was fun I probably should have taken more pictures in vegas, these are all I have.

On new years eve I stayed up all night, and early in the morning I caught a bus to phoenix arizona where I met up with nate and ali.. later we met up with michelle and jess.

we climbed quite a bit in arizona, but the weather got pretty bad so we also went out to joshua tree california to climb for a few days, and when the weather got bad there we went into LA for a day..

One of the first places we went in arizona was granite mountain, We failed to climb it the first time.. we ended up backing off of the mountain, in doing this, I left a new carabeaner on a bolt, and rappeled off of ali's rope, the rope got stuck in the crack, and we had to cut it. It kind of sucked.. the rope was three years old thouhg, and ali was thinking that it would probablyu be time to retire it after the trip any ways.. here are some pictures from granite mountain

another day we didn't climb but just wandered around in a cool canyon that we found here are some pictures from the canyon.

here is a picture of me on top of a small spire

at one canyon we climbed in there was about a foot of ice on the ground, here is a picture of nate climbing anyways.

here is a pretty cool picture nate took of me climbing mount lemmon

this picture of ali belaying, and this picture of michelle and jess where also taken at mount lemmon.

here are a few pictures taken while we where climbing in joshua tree.

on the last day of the trip me, nate and ali went back and climbed granite monutain, It felt good to climb it, because it was what we couldn't do at the start of the trip. here is a picture of the three of us after finishing it.

I just scanned in some of the pictures that michelle gave me, and here they are:

here is the bunch of us in LA the day we went in because it snowed.
here is one of me playing with fire
us sorting gear
nate climbing headstone
me spreading penut butter with a nut tool.
miles of road.
two tired climbers.