a picture from my birthday.
some people
my friend mike.
brian and meg
cris jenny sarah and me
jeff on a snow shoeing trip through carter notch years ago..
jim, this ones kinda a funny story... new years day we woke up unsatisfied with having spent another new years in boston so we hitch hiked to deleware, notice the sign.. this picture was taken on our way back from deleware.. we ended up getting stuck somewhere in pensylvania and taking a bus or something.. i was late for work on monday.
little bryan
spot, and pookie.. the cats

other stuff...

me at 18, with no beard during a cross country bus trip with my ex girlfriend nicole.

me about to leave for the AT

me and some of the people i met along the way sitting atop mount katahdin after hiking the AT

this is eliot, obwan's sister, obiwan is in a lot of my AT pictures, i hiked with him for a while.. i ran into eliot as i was trying to hitch hike home after finishing the AT, she ended up giving me a ride to montreal instead and we had a good time.. one of the people in this picture is playing a scitar (sp?) which is an indian instrument.. they had a lot of cool instruments and what not.. i had a good time in montreal..

looking out of a cave on a caving trip with the outing club to west virginia.

one of many trips up to the white mountains, this is probably around mount washington, i think the kid in the picture was named jason, can't really remember though, we where 16..

me and steve sitting in the snow taking a break on one of many of our trips up mount washington

camped out one night on the side of boot spur on the way up mount washington

a funny picture that just took with my new camera.