Aries 32 - Thistledown

woohoo! first sight of land after crossing the pacific... sailing up to the island hiva oa.

this is the soren larsen, attempting to sail onto their anchor at the anchorage in hiva oa. they ended up giving up and motoring in though.

in town on hiva oa

in back left is aguja, with jim+martine, to the right is the boat called either laura bell or noble cause, alternately owned by tilikum, then matt, and now tilikum again.

on aguja, a west sail 32. this is jim.

this is laura... she's sailing on seacor with paul

martine, who was making us pancakes. she ended up getting a job as cook on soren larsen

tilikum, rowing me to aguja in herbert's dingy.

this is in daniels bay, on nuka hiva. seacor on the left and araby on the right. jonah on araby has engine troubles, and seacor is towing him into the anchorage.

in daniels bay, the third tallest waterfall in the world. this was the site of an episode of "survivor."

herbert, paul, martine, jim, laura

philip and claudia from "sail la vie," and jim and martine from aguja. This was at a hotel bar that overlooked the anchorage in taiohae, the main town in nuka hiva.

looking down into the anchorage in anaho bay. you can see the wide shore reef, and the little passage of blue where we can row dingies to get to land. took this picture when we were hiking over to a neighboring bay that had a small town with a store where we could get more supplies.

in taiohae again, with herbert and obi (jonah), getting coffee in a little coffee place near the dingy dock

the anchorage in taiohae