Aries 32 - Thistledown

these are the pictures from the passage from fiji to kiribati, and pictures from kiribati, while Jill was with me

rotuma, one island we saw while crossing from fiji to tarawa

a pretty sunset

I caught this mahi mahi, but didn't know what it was and stupidly threw it back. Aparently it would have been really good eating. I should get a fish book.

jill doesn't brush her hair and it turns into a rats nest.

no problem for her, she just makes me fix it :-P

aparently french braids work better at sea

we drink a little jager in celebration as we cross the equator

finally, after about 23 days at sea, we aproach tarawa!

I guess it's time for that end-of-the-passage ritual... I didn't think to zoom in when I had the camera.

a funny looking multi-hulled motor boat passes us on our way into the anchorage. It looks like it might be some kind of ferry, so loaded with people. they all waved and screamed in unison as they went by.

herbert's boat, bamboo, was here when we pulled in.

a rusty wreck in the pretty anchorage

I decided to test out the underwater feature of my camera

interesting method of shaving.... the water tank ran dry and I guess this was easier for her

we walked back from bairiki one day (where the internet place is) and some kids were playing and jumping off a bridge.

herb takes a shot at it

jill gets arsty with my camera :-)

we went for a hike with anne, a friend of jonahs. we had to wade across here at low tide. it was the first time excersizing the stiff sea-legs in quite a while.

at high tide we catch a ride back on this instead of wading

they catch a kind of sap from the coconut trees:

what an airport!

funny kids at the airport

Jill leaves me :-(