Aries 32 - Thistledown

Hanging out in talisay....


I'm not sure what these kids were planning on doing with the birds...

They'd pack as many as 9 people onto a motorcyle with a side-car. Even without a sidecar it's four to a motorcycle.

M.M. and her boyfriend..

M.M. and Ivy.

In the dry dock area, where I keep my boat. This picture is taken from "gan gan" store. The girl who works there sleeps under the counter until a customer comes along. A lot of people in the Philippines work long long hours in stores, but sleep at work. I met one couple who owned a small internet cafe that was open 24/7. They slept in the corner with thier kids, and woke up whenever a customer came in.

how often do you see people driving motorcycles with umbrellas? It's pretty common in the Philippines.

Vinaflor... in Mandaue

her relatives or friends, I couldn't keep track.

more pictures of Thistledown

This kid is pretty little, but he seems to instinctively always know what size wrench his father needs.

Get it out of there!

at the mactan yacht club..

At the coranderia in dry dock... 20 cents for beans and rice :-)
Cherlyn and her boyfriend (though I think they got married)

and Cindy

At a burger stand in danao. The "help wanted sign behind them (which you can't quite see) is somewhat amusing (or sad) to a westerner. "must be 18-25, single, at least 5'1" tall, female, with highschool diploma."

mostly the street kids just yell "give me one peso!," but cristian, the one on the left, was kind of funny. He actually spoke english better than the girl working at the burger stand, though he'd never been to school.

I went to deliver a boat from puerto galera to danao in cebu. On my way to puerto galera I spent one night partying in manila.

My "crew," who really did most of the work... a Filipino guy from Puerto Galera that maintains a lot of the boats up there. This is in Romblon, an island we stopped at. Romblon is mostly made of marble, so the locals make all their money selling silly marble trinkets, and a sailor I met exports marble from here.

somebody making more trinkets for his shop. Mostly the shops were full of jesus statues and other things that seemed silly to me. I probably should have bought some kind of souvineer though.

Underway on "Peace of Mind," a C&L 37.

The view from the window of a nice little place I stayed in Talisay (just south of Cebu city) one time when I visited some people I'd met there.