Brian Vaughan's Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

Phone calls from the Trail New York - New Jersey - Connecticut

[I've misplaced my data book, so I'm not sure of the exact dates] - Some of Brian's most exciting adventures happened in New Jersey. While sitting in a shelter resting and having a snack, he heard and saw a bear in the woods. Quickly he threw his belongings into his pack and headed down the trail. He also says he scribbled "BEAR!" in the log book and threw it. He saw the bear cross the trail behind him, heading for the shelter he just left. He snapped a picture [stay tuned for me to get it scanned in], believe it or not, as it crossed the trail. The bear sniffed around the shelter, then headed down the trail toward Brian, who, as he described it, walked faster and faster and faster down the trail. Finally the bear gave up and left. I asked if he was scared, and he did admit that his pulse had quickened a bit!

If you've looked at some of his pictures, you've noticed that Brian likes snakes. One of the photos [also soon to be scanned in] is of him holding a snake. Apparently the snake didn't like this, and bit him on the finger. (he deserved it) Brian says it wasn't a problem because it was a black snake, which isn't poisonous, but I'm still not too thrilled about it!

Some of the other pictures we developed recently were of some cows in a pasture. Brian said he got nervous when a bunch of them started walking toward him. I asked if he was afraid, but he said he wasn't as soon as he got to the other side of the fence!

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